Content camera

Remote whiteboarding -
is it even possible?

Sharing a traditional writing surface while working remotely can be surprisingly difficult: content is often illegible, obstructed, even backwards. And even if you can read it, you can’t do anything with it, right?

Now, every camera is a content camera

Now you can share any traditional writing surface online – easily and interactively – without any new hardware. Simply point your laptop at your whiteboard and go.

Go beyond legibility

Do more than deliver legible content to your remote participants. By digitizing your handwritten content in real time, you can give your remote colleagues the ability to save your board contents with one click – or even add content of their own.

Never lose another idea

What do you do at the end of that whiteboard session? Taking a photo of your board can lead to security issues; also, in the end, it’s just a photo. 

Now your board contents are saved online, securely and in an editable format. So you can pick up right where that brainstorm left off.

Stay productive

Save your board contents directly to your system or collaboration app of choice. Take advantage of integrations with top video conferencing providers.  In short: bring that whiteboard – or any traditional writing surface – directly into your workflow.

Ready to try it for yourself?

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Don’t compromise your team’s efficiency: let them engage in productive whiteboarding sessions, even when some (or all) of them are participating remotely.