Good news: you already own a Content Camera

Looking to share your whiteboard with a remote, hybrid, or large audience? Good news: you do not need to buy any specialized hardware! With ShareTheBoard, you can turn any camera into a Content Camera.

ShareTheBoard is a software-based solution that turns your whiteboard, blackboard, flip chart – or any other traditional writing surface – into a fully interactive, secure, and always-legible remote collaboration device.

Always legible board contents

Whiteboards are wonderful – as long as you can see them! If you’ve ever tried to read the contents of a whiteboard as a remote user, you know how frustrating it is when the content is pale or the board is obstructed.

With ShareTheBoard, board contents are always ultra-legible. Obstacles (such as presenters) are made to appear transparent, keeping board contents front and center.

Drive engagement through participation

It’s difficult enough to get your audience to participate when there right next to you and in short supply. Whiteboard-based interactions are most difficult when your audience is remote/hybrid or when it’s particularly large (e.g., during lectures or workshops).

With ShareTheBoard, every viewer has a front-row experience: they can not only see the contents of your board clearly, they can even contribute content of their own!

Enjoy greater security and productivity

How many times have you seen “do not erase” scribbled on a board or seen someone frantically take photos of a whiteboard? Thankfully, that nonsense is now a thing of the past.

ShareTheBoard automatically saves everything you (or your viewers) write on your board. Those contents are made available to you as an interactive instant replay – available during or after your session. No more lost content, no security breaches.

And now, those contents can be automatically digitized, summarized or analyzed at the touch of a button! Imagine that: you write the perfect diagram on your whiteboard, then with one click turn it into a digital diagram. No rework. Just the perfect combination of creativity and efficiency.

Using the whiteboard has contributed to my teaching style. ShareTheBoard allows me to continue to teach in the way I find most effective during remote learning.

Teresa Danze, Classics Professor, University of Dallas

Sharing your whiteboard with the world has never been easier

  • ShareTheBoard works with the hardware (computers, cameras) and software (video conferencing, recording) you already own
  • ShareTheBoard requires no training – just step up to the board and teach/work like you always have
  • ShareTheBoard is categorically more cost effective than hardware-based alternatives – and there’s nothing to maintain
  • ShareTheBoard travels with you: anywhere you can take a laptop, you can share a board (or flip chart, or piece of paper…)
  • ShareTheBoard scales easily – whether you need more licenses or less, change is just a few clicks away
  • ShareTheBoard delivers a familiar, human-centric collaboration and learning experience for remote participants
  • ShareTheBoard provides an accessibility boost for the visually impaired and enables individualized learning plans